You'll discover... how to be successful at weight loss! In this class you will learn: 

How to get your superpower back, lose weight, move better, and change your life projection, even if you've stopped trying, lack energy, and motivation, and are just sick of trying to figure out what to eat and not eat.  

How to get your head in the game, get that desire you once had back, get lean, healthy, and feel optimal, and yes it's more than just "thinking positive." In fact it's one of the missing links in 99.9% of weight loss programs, and current and former athletes rock at it!  

Why Losing Weight Slowly is ALL WRONG and how it diminishes your health as you age.  

How to stop implementing haphazard eating and exercise tips aimed at reducing high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, increased body inflammation, brain atrophy, and get REAL CHANGE. 

How to stop following the path of the athletic masses who are eating themselves into sickness, seeing the world from a negative perspective, and get your life momentum going again!  

Why trying to exercise your way to health is undermining your health, and yes this comes from a 20 year fitness trainer.  

What you need to do in your life NOW so you stop the crippling effects of being overweight, limiting your mobility, strength and agility that friends and family admired you for ...and it's not what you think.  

And why being an over 60 former athlete/formerly fit person is the ABSOLUTE BEST TIME to get into the leanest, fittest, and best shape of your life...even if you think you no longer have it in you. 

Kim Miller 

Kim is the founder of Live Healthy For Athletes At BodySmartWay.  

She has helped hundreds of former athletes and formerly fit people take back their lives by getting lean, fit, and strong again. 

"Kim's healthy living programs for men, women and couples over 45 years of age are hands down the most effective in the country." Dave Arundel Former World Cup Hockey Player Gold Medalist. 

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